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A Leader in Commercial and Residential Excavating in the Puget Sound Area 


Gregco Excavating LLC is here to fulfill your residential or commercial excavating needs.  Though we have an outstanding commercial portfolio, no job is too small.

We will provide you with our excavating expertise, customer service and a job above expectation.


Over the years we have sharpened our skills by working with all types of people, all with a vast difference of needs.  With every job that is completed, we’ve learned something new that can be applied to the next project.

With our extensive knowledge of the excavating industry, we can anticipate and solve potential site work problems.



At Gregco Excavating LLC, we can serve you with a multitude of services.  From storm drains to sewer mains, retaining walls to retention ponds, residential or commercial.

Our payment options are set up to fit your needs, either by the job or by the hour.

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